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The Kings of Carolina Series

Did someone say hot twin princes?

Leo and Malcolm's lives will never be the same after embarking on a goodwill visit to the States. A chance meeting with a determined and beautiful auto mechanic sparks a series of adventures that see both princes finding the loves of their lives. 


Book 1: Meet the whole gang in Between a Rock and a Royal as Ruby coaxes Prince Leo out of his buttoned-up routine. This is part one of two in Leo and Ruby's story. Ends in a cliffhanger!

Book 2: Next up is Blue Bloods and Backroads where Leo and Ruby get their HEA. But the road isn't easy when real-life bad guys get in the way.


Book 3: Malcolm finally gets his love story in Stealing Kisses with a King. Mal has always been the irreverent playboy, but he finds his attention being pulled in the most unexpected direction. Stealing Kisses with a King can be read as a standalone.


Grab a box set and save! 

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