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Stout of My League

Love on Tap - Book 4

It's Lynn's turn for love in the final book of the Love on Tap series.

With four overprotective brothers, the youngest Brooks sibling has had enough with bossy alphas. So when professional baseball player Joey Martel sets his sights on her, she's determined to steer clear of him and his toxic circle of jocks. Being the latest conquest for another overbearing caveman? No thanks.

But trouble is brewing once again for the Brooks family, and Lynn is determined to fix things once and for all. Too bad for her, a certain ball player refuses to let her go it alone. If Joey insists on playing the hero, he can have at it. It will only prove what she's known all along--that he's absolutely not her type, and he's never going to win this game. Nope.


Coming June 2024

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