Kings of Carolina Series

Between a Rock and a Royal  (Book 1)

Two foreign princes, one local girl in a serious jam, and a ’65 Mustang headed for Georgia. What could go wrong?


LEO: My brother likes to think he’s the clever one, and I usually let him. He’s the crown prince, after all. But he’s cocked things up royally this time, pardon the pun. It will take some quick thinking and a heavy dose of luck, but I’ll pull us out of it. Even if it means putting my trust in a stranger … a tempting stranger who carries a wrench and an attitude.


RUBY: I knew before I even agreed that this would be a bad idea. But given my circumstances, I had little choice but to take these rich country-club rejects up on their offer. A ride in exchange for the money my uncle and I owe. How bad could it be? I’m sure I’ll survive and hopefully fix my problems in the process, but my heart might not be so lucky.

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Blue Bloods and Backroads  (Book 2)

The full-length follow-up and conclusion of Ruby and Leo's story


Love is a four-letter word. So is jerk.


Continue Ruby and Leo's story as they find their way to a happily ever after!