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New Jerk in Town

Carolina Kisses - Book 2

Surly, rude, selfish, and inconveniently attractive. Meet Milo Papatonis, the king of all jerks.


I’m not normally one to judge, but I’ve been down this particular road before and I can confirm he’s earned his title. It’s not enough that Milo crushed my dreams when we were kids, but now I’m somehow being forced to dwell under the same roof with his ill-mannered ass. If he thinks his sexy shower noises and ovary-imploding smile can tempt me into forgetting, he’s nuts.


This situation is strictly business and blessedly temporary. Because my dreams are still out there waiting for me, and they won’t be found anywhere near this town—or this guy.


Jerks do nothing but break hearts, of that I’m certain. But I’ve been known to be wrong a time or two...

If you've read Then Again, you've met Jill, the heroine of my new book in the Carolina Kisses series. But there's more: You'll get to catch up with Ted, Haley, and Felicity from The Nerd Next Door!

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