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Grab Full-On Clinger, the series prequel, for FREE, and meet one of the brothers!


The Love on Tap Series


It's finally here! The series you've been promised is complete, and you're going to love getting to know the Brooks family as they search for love while running their craft brewery in Asheville, North Carolina.


  • Mom, Ginny, loves three things: Bigfoot, country music, and her five crazy kids.

  • You've already met Denny (Denver), one of the middle brothers, in Full-On Clinger, but there are more hotties where he came from.

  • Book 1: Ale's Fair in Love and War  - Cash, the second oldest, is doing his best to keep the family and the business above water while his siblings and mom run wild. But trouble just came to town in the form of a snarky dog groomer named Hollis.

  • Book 2: Smooth Hoperator - Then there's the oldest brother, Carter. The former hotshot turned grumpy brewer gets more than he bargained for when he enlists the help of a sunny small-town librarian to outrun his past.

  • Book 3: Deja Brew All Over Again - Younger brother, Miller, is sure to catch your eye as the hot bad boy with an attitude. But when a pretty runaway bride carjacks him, he finds himself on the ride of a lifetime.

  • Book 4: Stout of My League -  We can't forget baby sister, Lynn, who's bound to get in trouble whether she tries to or not. See how baseball star, Joey, does his best to charm this independent beauty. 

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