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Menopause romance

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Yes, ma'am!

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The Love on Tap Series

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The Carolina Kisses Series

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Standalone Romances

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Featured Book

Featured Book

Then Again
A Small Town Romantic Comedy

It’s been two years since the ink dried on Jenna's divorce papers, and it’s high time to dive back in.


Step one: find a romance-novel-worthy man for a hot holiday fling.


How hard could it be?


But disastrously bad flirting, a failed honky-tonk hookup, and a mix-up with one of Sunview’s finest have Jenna seriously doubting if this is all worth it. Maybe she’s better off leaving the world of love and sex to others—or maybe she’s just looking in the wrong place …



Sylvie Stewart’s characters are so exquisitely crafted, you feel as though you’ve known them forever... I laughed, I cried then I laughed again and fell in love not once but several times.

A love story that is character-driven and so tightly written that readers will be blown away by the intense and powerful emotions it evokes... The writing was gorgeous and seductive....

This is the most hilarious novel and series I have picked up this year by far! I was literally laughing so hard at moments that I had tears falling down my face. I couldn’t get enough.

Divine Zape, Readers' Favorite

Liz V., Amazon

Rosie Chapel, Author 



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