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Mood Swings and
Hockey Flings

In the cutthroat world of professional sports, I’m the agent who always calls the shots. Until a decade-old feud with hockey superstar Banks Bennet resurfaces, and I’m forced to play nice.


When his agent drops him and rumors of a trade swirl through the league faster than a puck on a breakaway, I find myself in the dreaded role of Banks’s new agent. There’s no doubt I can save his career from crashing into the boards, but only if we don’t strangle each other first.


All I need to do is whip this man-baby into shape and negotiate an epic contract that will establish me once and for all as the top hockey agent in the league. No problem, right? But between babysitting Banks, battling perimenopausal mood swings, and fighting this annoying attraction to my client, I’m facing a hat trick of challenges.


Not everything about Banks is what it seems. Under all that bravado and childish behavior lies a sensitive and considerate guy who values more than just his time on the ice–leaving me to wonder if maybe there's more to life than just wins and losses.


If I’m not careful, my emotions might have me losing control and throwing away the professional playbook for a shot at happily ever after…and that’s not how this game is played.



  • enemies to lovers

  • forbidden romance (agent x player)

  • menopausal woman at the top of her profession

  • slow burn

  • forced proximity

  • pro hockey

  • hilarious alpha hero

  • he falls first

  • opposites attract

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